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Professor Louise O. Fresco has been appointed as President of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR with effect from 1 July 2014

Louise O. Fresco's exciting career has involved decades of fieldwork in tropical countries, travels to over 80 countries, a PhD cum laude in tropical agronomy (Wageningen), chairs and lectureships at prestigious universities such as Wageningen, Uppsala, Louvain and Stanford and the membership of four scientific academies. She held several leading positions within the FAO of the UN.

The permanent theme of her life is a strong commitment to international development, agriculture and food. She also published eight  books (of which three acclaimed novels) and over one hundred scientific articles. Science Magazine recently published her editorial The GMO Stalemate in Europe.
Currently, as a University Professor in Amsterdam, she writes a syndicated newspaper column, is an advisor to the Dutch government on socio-economic policy, science and sustainability, including sea level rise.

Since 2011 she is a member of the advisory council of The Hague Institute for Global Justice. She serves as a non-executive director of Unilever and on the supervisory board of Rabobank. She is a member of the Trilateral Commission.

She was ranked 19th in the (Dutch) Volkskrant newspaper’s Top 200 2012 list of the most influential people in the Netherlands and 12th in the (Dutch) Trouw newspaper’s ‘Sustainable 100’.

In October 2012 she published her book Hamburgers in Paradise, food in times of scarcity and abundance.

She is involved in a large number of cultural and social activities. She appears regularly in the media and talked at TED 2009


The GMO Stalemate in Europe, Editiorial Science Magazine, 2013
Louise O. Fresco on feeding the whole world, TED USA, 2009



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